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Amanda Lewis

Pilates Instructor

Amanda graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Psychology and Dance. She was first introduced to Pilates as a young girl in ballet class.  As she continued to grow and dance more professionally, she learned the many benefits Pilates could provide to a dancer's body.

After a health condition in 2005 put Amanda out of work she decided that it was time for a change, both mentally and physically. It was then that she decided to finally pursue Pilates as a career.   

In 2006 she received her Pilates certification through Body Kinetics.  She learned then that Pilates could benefit everyone, not only dancers.  After 10 years of teaching, she can further see the benefits that Pilates brings to clients dealing with aging, chronic pain, injury and rehabilitation.  She feels that it is important to teach Pilates to anyone that is interested in learning.  She has worked with clients of all ranges, from pre/post natal, to athletes, to post surgery rehab.

Amanda's classes are both fun and challenging while still being mindful of the individual needs of each client.

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