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Amy Kingwill

Pilates Instructor

Amy Kingwill is a movement specialist with 30 years experience in dance training and performance; her Pilates training, yoga practice, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais work build on this foundation. She brings her love of motion, her kinesthetic awareness, and her inquisitiveness about what bodies can do to assisting you in developing a stronger, happier, healthier body. Amy holds a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah and is a comprehensively certified Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates Instructor. She holds certificates in Pilates in Pregnancy and Beyond and Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies from BASI, and is working toward specialization in rehabilitation and age-related conditioning.

An active person who spent many years going “all out” as a professional dancer, Amy learned Pilates to address an injured hip with chronic pain and arthritis. She learned that if we consciously repattern motion efficiently, use healthy alignment, and strengthen muscles through proper body mechanics, we can remove limitations of motive expression and release the pain which restricts us. By doing Pilates regularly, you will find a restored confidence  in yourself, in your body, and in your ability to do what you most love to do. Classes with Amy focus on awareness, precision, flexibility, and strength, and assure that you have fun, learn a lot, and leave feeling invigorated and inspired.​

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