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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a conditioning system that improves muscle tone, balances musculature and builds flexibility. It emphasizes spinal alignment, breathing, developing a strong core or center, and improving coordination and balance. It supports correct posture, and teaches us to move with ease and grace. The Pilates system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises. Body Chemistry Studio Pilates Reformer classes offer a spectrum of advancements appropriate for every body.


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique movement practice which has roots in Yoga, Tai Chi and dance. The GYROTONIC® training exercise sequences are composed of spiraling, circular movements which flow together seamlessly with rhythmic repetitions, and corresponding breath. The exercises allow the joints to move through an expansive range of motion without compression. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® carefully crafts sequences to create balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility.

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