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Group Equipment Classes 


All levels welcome! Practice and learn the technique of Pilates with detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises correctly and finesse your form. You’ll enjoy a deliberately paced class moving you from accessible exercises to the Intermediate Pilates repertoire. If you are newer to Pilates or enjoy spending a little more time in investigative mode, this is a great class for you.

Contemporary 1

This class is taught with a creative spin for the well-versed Pilates practitioner! Please have a solid Pilates foundation including a commitment to work deeply and technically within the true Pilates method. Come pain-free or able to modify as needed.

Contemporary 2

Interested in a little extra bang for your Pilates buck? Bring your best Pilates game and move at a clip through a greater range of exercises. We kindly ask that you be well acquainted with the Intermediate Classical Pilates exercises to avoid being left behind.

Cardio Core

Through low-impact jumping, this blood pumping Jumpboard class will focus on lower body, buns and core.


Classical Pilates format following the Pilates method as Joe himself intended. Discover the logic of the Classical order and how each movement prepares you for the next. Marvel at the challenge of a choreographed transition and enjoy perfecting your technique through repetition.

Classical 2

You’ve memorized the order of the Classical Pilates exercises (quick! What comes after Pulling Straps?) and now you’re ready to work on the key points and exercises of the Advanced Classical repertoire. Join us in this immersive class! A mastery of Classical Pilates is requisite or risk side eye from your instructor.

Stetch & Tone

Come get your stretch on while building strength and stability! These Mixed Level classes will focus on giving your body a much needed release from everyday tensions. Don't worry, we'll be sure to get in challenging core work and ensure those postural muscles get the attention they need and deserve. Your back, hip flexors, hamstrings and CORE will thank you.

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* Please note that all group classes now have a 24 hour cancelation policy. Please be sure to cancel outside of that time to avoid forfeiting the cost of your class. 

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