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Group Equipment Classes

Group Equipment classes are a perfect way to get expert instruction and work out frequently with our senior level Pilates teachers. Each class is conducted on our Allegro 2 Reformers and Wunda Chairs for a dynamic workout. We shape our classes around levels or class themes and can't wait for your to join us! See our schedule to sign up.  *To participate in group classes you must be injury and pain-free and not under a doctors care.


Foundation Equipment Class

For people new to our studio and the absolute beginner! We'll teach you how to use our equipment as well as the technical fine points to achieve the more complex Pilates exercises. We recommend this class for those who want to get used to our Bright Star style, first timers who want to ease into Pilates without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, or new clients who are gauging what level is right for them. 


Contemporary Level 1

Our Level 1 class is geared towards those with previous Pilates experience. This class builds strength, introduces you to the Classical Pilates repertoire and gives you the tools to learn the more complex intermediate Classical Pilates repertoire.  This class is perfect for people who have a solid Pilates foundation including a commitment to focus and to work technically within the Pilates method. Come pain-free and able to modify as needed.


Contemporary Level 2 

Interested in a little extra bang for your Pilates buck? Bring your best Pilates game and move at a clip through a greater range of exercises. We kindly ask that you be well acquainted with the intermediate Classical Pilates exercises to avoid being left behind. A minimum of 5 classes classes at our studio are required before advancing into this class. 


Virtual Class - GYROKINESIS®

The unique GYROKINESIS® method dynamically takes the body through its full ranges of motion. It incorporates flowing sequences of exercises linked together to promote spinal mobility, as well as flexibility in the hips, ankles, and shoulder girdle. Breath and rhythm are used to enhance stimulation of the nervous and circulatory systems, as well as promote detoxification. No equipment needed aside from a stool or armless chair and a mat. 

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