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Bright Star Pilates & GYROTONIC©

Know Before You Go!

Welcome to Bright Star Pilates 

We want to keep you in the know! Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions.


Covid Safety

While we don't ask you for proof of vaccination, or to mask, we highly recommend both. Our instructors are all vaccinated and wear masks according to their preferences. 



We ask our clients to wear socks at the studio. Socks with sticky soles are best. We've found quite a few great buys online. Simply search for 'sticky socks' and you'll find several options. We also *often* have them for sale.


Front Desk Staff

We don't have front desk staff currently. You'll have all of your questions answered by your instructor, or simply send over an email so we can help. At this time, we cannot accommodate walk-ins. 


Studio Entry

Your class will be held at 493 Sanchez Street. The main entrance for your class is NOT at the corner entrance to the studio, simply go about 30 feet down Sanchez towards Market and you'll see the entrance there. 

Please don't arrive to the studio more than 5 minutes in advance of class. When you enter the studio, be sure to remove your shoes at the front door and use either the provided hand sanitizer or wash your hands. (Do the same when you leave so you don't leave with anything you didn't intend to bring home.) We have cubbies in the back of the room where you can leave your belongings. Please bring only your necessities as we aren't liable for any missing items.  


Changing Clothes at the Studio

We have 1 bathroom and a dressing room, so should you need to change, we've got you covered. 


Find Your Reformer!

After you settle in, grab the Reformer of your choice!


Your Instructor

When you arrive, please introduce yourself to your instructor. She/he will ask if you have any issues regarding non-acute injuries they need to keep in mind. Also, please let your instructor know if you're not familiar with our Allegro2 Reformers and Wunda Chairs so they can show you how to use them. 


Best Practices 

Please know that we follow best practices regarding injuries and ask that you meet with a private instructor before taking class with us if you have issues and injuries that need special tending. Unfortunately, if the instructor does not feel the class is safe for you at the time, you may not be admitted to class and we'll follow up with you immediately.


Cancelation Policy

We have a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. Please use your account to cancel yourself out of class. If you 'ghost' the class (you don't cancel yourself out of class and you do not show up) you'll both forfeit your class and be charged an additional $15. However, if you're sick, unwell or have been asked to quarantine we ask you not to take class with us and you will not forfeit your class.  


10% Promotional Discount!

If you've signed up for the introductory package for new clients, please take advantage of our follow-up discount on any next package or first month of membership.


We're looking forward to meeting you!

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