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Align the Spine Workshop
With Matthew Ebert

​Sunday, June 2, 2024

10:00am - 11:30am 

Price: $75

“Your posture is only as good as your spine is strong and you’re only as young as that spine is flexible.” Joe Pilates

Step into alignment and discover the transformative power of Matthew's Align the Spine Workshop! Dive deep into the essence of spinal wellness as he guides you through a dynamic journey of axial elongation and spinal alignment.

In Matthew's Align the Spine Workshop, he'll delve into a series of targeted exercises designed to enhance spinal health and mobility. From Thoracic extension to Thoracic rotation paired with a soothing psoas stretch, each movement is meticulously crafted to promote flexibility and alignment. Explore circumvolution to awaken every fiber of your being, and challenge yourself with the stability-focused Horseback posture. Finally, witness the beauty of your practice blossom with the Blooming Flower sequence, as you cultivate strength and balance throughout your entire body.You'll be guided to leverage proprioception to seamlessly integrate complex exercises across various Pilates equipment, ensuring a comprehensive full-body workout experience that leaves you feeling aligned, strengthened, and revitalized.


Let's align, elongate, and thrive together!

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