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*Our class packages are groups of classes sold at a competitive price point. They are ideal for people who travel a lot or have varied schedules. They expire 6 months from purchase.

Single Class: $36 per class

Package of 5: $170 ($34 per class)

Package of 10: $320 ($32 per class)

Package of 20: $590 ($29.50 per class)


*Our memberships are 4 month contracts that give clients a dedicated amount of classes per month at a discount and are priced per membership tier. Memberships are ideal for clients with fixed schedules taking weekly classes.Unused Membership classes do not roll over to following months.

3 Class per month: $85.50 ($28.50 per class)

6 Class per month: $162 ($27 per class)

8 Classes per month: $208 ($26 per class)

10 Class per month: $245 ($24.50 per class)

12 Class per month: $276 ($23 per class)

*Subject to a 4 Month Contract

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