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Pilates & GYROTONIC® Instructor

Verna Carter has been Pilates Certified from Turning Point Studios since 2006, and has been a certified GYROTONIC® trainer for 5 years now. She is specialized in strength and flexibility training, injury prevention and back care. Verna believes that awareness through movement is one of greatest tools we can develop. 

From a very early age dance and movement have been Verna's refuge and led to her first career as a ballet dancer. She was fortunate to experience sixteen years of dancing but like many athletes the years of training imbalances and athletic mind set eventually took its toll with a career ending injuries. But as one door closes, another opens. The injuries Verna succumbed to as a dancer eventually became the training grounds for the work she does today. It is Verna's great pleasure that she's been able to work with people over the past thirteen years to create a more balanced approach towards movement and health.

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